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TOTUM was founded in 1992, and is a leading manufacturer of steel-reinforced security doors in Lithuania. During the past twenty years we have build an excellent reputation in the fields of engineering, design, manufacture and service. Following our success in Lithuania we now export succes sfully to several other European countries including, Russia, Belarus, and ukraine where we have participated in various important exhibitions. We take particular pride in our modern production facilities where we use the most up to date equipment and rely on the capabilities of staff who have remained loyal to Totum for many years.

The company offers a wide range of doors including metal and security doors for houses, apartments, saferooms, hospitals, hotels, cinemas and theatres and many other public and privately owned buildings. Two unique feature underlying the mportance we attach to each customer is that we do not limit customer choice to standard models or locks and also we provide a flexible manufacturing process that enables the customer to get what he needs when he wants it. of greatest importance to us, is the fact that we now have a wide range of designers and consumers through out many countries who testify to the excellence of Totum’s ability to provide an excellent range of security doors meeting the most discerning of needs.

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